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Get Out Of Traffic Tickets & Secure Your Car 24/7 

4K 1080P Crystal-clear footage
Wide-angle front & rear dual lenses
Night vision technology
Parking surveillance
Super easy installation
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Your Reliable Vehicular Companion, Every Mil

Owning & driving a car comes with accidents that are beyond your control. A lack of solid evidence can put you in the dilemma of wrongfully issued traffic tickets and increased insurance claims.

Autopulsex Dash Camera – the most advanced camera that easily and securely mounts to your windshield – helps you record everything that goes on inside & outside your car in a crystal clear 4K resolution, giving you an indisputable record of accidents, collisions & hit & run cases, both day and night. With Autopulsex, you're prepared for whatever comes your way!

Give You Peace of Mind and
24/7 Protection

Feature 2

4K Ultra HD Resolution

Say goodbye to grainy pictures and videos forever! Its 3.16-inch large IPS display captures and records crystal clear videos up to Ultra HD 4K 1920*1080P resolutions, allowing you to read key details like road signs and vehicle license plates with ease. 

Feature 3

24/7 Loop Recording

With Loop Recording, Autopulsex seamlessly overwrites old footage (except for locked footage) with new content when the memory card is full. This means you can keep recording without interruptions, ensuring that every journey is captured without fail.

Feature 4

Superior Night Vision Technology

Built for nighttime drives, Autopulsex comes equipped with the latest Infrared technology to offer excellent night vision, ensuring clear and detailed recordings even in low-light conditions and dark roads. Drive confidently even after dark!


The Cutting-Edge Features Of Autopulsex

Autopulsex is loaded with state-of-the-art features that keep you safe while on the road, day and night

4K Ultra HD

Every detail, from road signs to license plates, is captured in crystal-clear clarity, giving you a reliable record of your journey

IR-Enabled Night Vision Lens

WDR and infrared technology offer excellent night vision, ensuring clear and detailed recordings even in the darkest roads ahead of you

24H Parking Surveillance

Just switch on the parking monitor & the dash camera will automatically start recording when it detects motion in the car radius to record any theft/vandalism attempts

310° Wide Angle Dual Camera

Wide-angle front (170°) and rear (140°)  cameras help cover the entire roadway and monitor the entire cab. No blind spots

Built-in G-sensor

Detects sudden movements or collisions and automatically saves critical footage in the event of an accident, providing valuable evidence

Loop Recording

Just in case you do run out of storage, it automatically records the oldest footage for uninterrupted monitoring

Your Trustworthy Witness in Case of Accidents

Say hello to your reliable witness in the case of accidents or disputes - Autopulsex provides crystal-clear evidence of what comes on the road, potentially saving you from legal complications, and keeping you out of trouble.

Indisputable Proof

Drive with Confidence

Personal Security

Record Road Trips

 for insurance claims and legal purposes

reduce anxiety over unexpected incidents

identify car theft & vandalism when parked

while sharing with your friends & family

What's Inside & Outside
The Tech Specs

  • 4 Upgraded Omnidirectional Tires

  • Long-Lasting Battery

  • Suitable for Various Terrains

  • Dazzling Lights and Music

The Fun Never Ends

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9,780 Customers

Customer Reviews

After getting rear-ended twice and dealing with unfair traffic tickets, I decided it was time to get a dash camera for my car. I've had the Autopulsex dash cam for about 2 months now, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer! Installing it was a breeze, and it practically set itself up. The video quality when facing forward is seriously impressive. This dash cam has already saved me from headaches and paid for itself. I'd definitely give it two thumbs up and recommend it to anyone looking for peace of mind on the road!

Skylar. A – Houston, TX

Thanks to Autopulsex, I had clear footage of a hit-and-run incident, which helped me get the compensation I deserved from the insurance company, without any hassle! This device has already paid for itself by giving me peace of mind on the road.
Super easy to install, it's nice and small, so you can hide it behind your rearview mirror without blocking your view. The app is a breeze to use too! I'm not a geek, but I had no trouble setting it up – if I can do it, anyone can! Highly recommend it, I'll definitely get another one for my other car.
I've tried several dash cams, but this one takes the cake! The video quality is outstanding, especially at night. The motion detection and G-sensor features provide added peace of mind, knowing that my car is protected around the clock. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality dash cam!
Thank goodness for having the Autopulsex in my car when a reckless driver ran a red light and damaged my right headlight. This device has so many incredible features, and it's so easy to understand – it's simply amazing and totally worth it. I can't think of anything they might have missed. Must-have for drivers.
Frequently asked questions
How does the emergency lock feature work?
The Autopulsex Dash Cam has a G-sensor that locks the video when it detects shaking or a collision. This ensures that important files are not overwritten during loop recording, providing you with video evidence in case of an accident.
How is the Autopulsex powered?
The Autopulsex Dash Cam is typically powered through your vehicle's USB Port. It starts recording automatically when you turn on your vehicle and stops when you turn it off.
What's included in the package?
The package includes the Autopulsex Dash Cam and sticker, a rear camera an adapter with cable, a suction cup holder, and a user manual.

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